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Tracy Herrmann

Tracy Ann

Lincoln, CA


Hello and welcome to my gallery! It's a little wild in here. Please share with me the gift of "animal presence": bears, fox, deer, birds, otters, big cats. All these beautiful wild creatures bring their charm and grace to your home or anywhere. A percentage of each piece sold is gifted back to wildlife and parks conservation. I illustrate wildlife, nature and pets for books, cards and fine art.

My first illustrated childrens book, "Dabbling Doezee" by Seattle author Kim Kennedy, is a delightful story about two ducks, Doezee and Rudy. Doezee dabbles and Rudy dives. Discover how their unique abilities and special friendship help them to survive when facing danger. Beautifully printed hardcover at For needlepoint crafters, see my work at Celtic Rose Needlecraft, under "Artists Collections", "Wild Animals" "Fantasy" and "Christmas" categories.

In the works: Childrens book "A Colorado Day" by Colorado author Kristin Miller, sure to bring the Centennial state to life for young readers, in it's rich wildlife and natural beauty.

Look for the "bumblebee" in my art featuring wildflowers.

Tracy Herrmann is a freelance Nature Animal Illustrator interested in Freelance Jobs.


Water For Otters




Polar Bears


Arctic Fox


White Pony


Dapple Unicorn


Red Dragons


Yellowstone Wolves


The Timber Pack


Toddy Fox


Raspberry Bear


Salmonberry Bear


China Bear


Polar B-r-r-r


Goodnight Nanook Polar Bears


Treasure Delight Pandas


One Shy Bear


Cubs Day Out Black Bears


Winter Red Fox


Holiday Fox


Autumn Gold Fox


Fox Den Snug


Summer Gold Fox


Snow Paws Fox


White Deer